Conroe, Texas, United States
A little about me:

I'm ready to explore the next and final chapter in my life. My ultimate goal is to find the "perfect for me" someone to share what lies ahead. I'm considered by others to be smart, ambitious, generous, charitable, modestly confident, charming, polished, and very funny. My close friends would say, if I were a brand, I would represent honesty, integrity, and commitment.I am devoted to everything I do and faithful to everybody I love. I am not perfect of course. Sometimes I can be curious like a child! Surprising people is my second nature, so do not be amazed if in the morning you will be awakened by a pleasant smell of breakfast or coffee in your bed,I am fond of reading and consider books a source of wisdom!Spending time in the open air and nature, beach and mountains are my passion

Christian dating: My Ideal date:

I am looking for a confident, successful man with a remarkable sense of humor and an incredible sense of style. He must be emotionally and financially secure.I find a well spoken man incredibly sexy! I would also like to meet someone who enjoys traveling.

My Christian faith:
I'm not just a believer, but also a follower of Christ
Christian Denomination:
Christian (just Christian) 
Christian dating
Looking For: